Its very nice to meet you! My name is Savannah and I am an adventure photographer, filmmaker, writer and 35mm film hoarder. 

 I started making films at age 15 when I wrote an 18 page script on a sequel to James Cameron's Titanic that I filmed with my best friend in our backyard. Ever since then I have become married to my cameras and decided that going to college for film was the only place for me. During my four years at Pace University I put my time in with films like Still Alice, The Amazing Spiderman, The Seagull,Annie, and Birdman. 

Growing from intern to project based employee I did not let the schedule of school stop me from building the early blocks of my career in entertainment. I continued to gain skills and experience in a range of digital content creation, online branding and marketing. 

My start in the production world allowed me to work in a wide variety of positions on an amazingly vast range of projects including shows like Marvel's IronFist, Marvel's The Defenders, and companies like Refinery 29, and MTV. All of which gave my the tools for freelance work ethic , fast work flow, and an independence to later pursue photography full-time.

As of August 2018 I signed on to solo the lead photography for Discover Outdoors a sick outdoor guide company. Over the course for 40 days I travelled to 7 different states along the Pacific Northwest and photographed what is their newest and largest launch digital and printed campaign to date. I am incredibly proud of my work capturing their new guiding itineraries and the amazing people I was able to work alongside to make this happen. The portfolio of this work is currently curated under the campaign section of my site.

Within the year I have photographed for brands like The North Face, Backcountry, Arcteryx, and The Cliffs. My work is also currently on display at the Patagonia Bowery and I have had the honor of speaking at REI for their 2019 Speaker Series. My workplace now spans from on the ground in backcountry terrain, to in the ocean waters for surf, to harnessed into fixed lines on tall walls shooting climbing athletes.

Without my camera in front of my eye, I am incredibly passionate about the encouragement and advocacy for females in the outdoors and behind the lens. As a women in the outdoor field I feel brands and companies often put forth campaigns encouraging females as athletes, but never in other areas of the outdoor industry. Photographers and videographers are a huge part to making those campaigns possible and women are often rarely given the chance to do so despite the subject matter. My most recent presentation at REI Speaker Series gave me the chance to introduce this gap in practice and speak more about my experience in working to change that.

I continue to photograph and film the many waves, surfers, climbers, and adventures to come into my lens both in water and on land. I look forward to working on collaborations with other athletes and photographers alike. Yew! 

Some brands I’ve shot for and worked with:



  • I believed the Flatiron district was pronounced "Flat tron" for two years after moving to New York

  • I was trampled by a horse at 14 and survived (obviously..)

  • I hold a brown belt in martial arts

  • I prefer 35mm film to digital any day 

  • I can speak (some) Croatian